Quality Policy

  • The HO and all the staffs of HO will be professionally co-operative in their attitude and in the way of providing services.Managed, maintained and promoted by the professionals having wholesome corporate exposure of more than a decade.
  • The R&D team is the body of eminent and experienced personalities from the IT industry, management sphere, academicians, professionals who provide guidelines in just every direction, in consonance with the current corporate, market and technological latest developments.
  • Well qualified and exposed faculty, timely tested and thereby upgraded online via the grades obtained in the online tests (conducted by the RYVTSM in order to be synchronized with the current developments.
  • All the Authorized Study Campus (ASC) are well equipped with the most modern and competitive of the machines available, along with a serene and healthy ambience(standards set forth by RYVTSM instigating towards individual as well as center’s development and thus better results.
  • All the ASC follow growth oriented plans and policies, standard of RYVTSM, drafted with development as the sole aim.
  • Innovative teaching methodology, motivation techniques to help student gather self confidence in just every sphere, with emphasis on practical approach is the standard to which our faculty sincerely adheres.
  • Dedicated team of aptly qualified professionals and academicians, solely responsible for curriculum development only; keeps in view many factors and thoroughly cross examines the curriculum on professional as well as sincere academic grounds to keep up the pace with this rapidly changing field.
  • Thoroughly motivated team, working with full zeal to realize our vision of “EVERY ONE CAN USE COMPUTERâ€Â.
  • A dedicated network, throughout the length and breadth of the nation given to the aim of visualizing better India, facilitates the transfer of information from one center to another as well as in the interiors of the nation.
  • Free spoken English lessons and Personality development programs, designed keeping in view the present trends and the requirements in the job industry.
  • We believe in “Practice makes a man perfectâ€Â. Hence, ample extra practical hours are provided so, as to confirm that the student grasps the concept.
  • Placement Assistance, Scholarships and even 100% job assurance is provided to the deserving students on some special courses by condition. (this offer is not applicable for all courses)
  • Special guidance to groom the students and prepare them to welcome the challenges in the journey towards the right career and also the ability to decide and achieve it.
  • Frequent visit of HO staffs will be there to the centers for smooth running and all round development.
  • Up gradation of present course in frequent interval and supplementary materials to the faculty will be provided for providing better quality teaching to the staffs.
  • The student will be given the first preference and they will not be tortured in any way.
  • Regarding course and instalment fees from the students there will be no compromise. If instalment fees will not be received in time, the center cannot pay its staff in time and hence cannot provide qualitative and in time service to the students.
  • Any problem of the center will be informed to respective departments for its solution and the expected time will be two full working days. If center fails to get satisfactory response then, center will be requested to inform the GM (General Manager) immediately for the same and the time will be one full working day. If again the matter does not come to its end, then a complain may be given to Chairman through SMS for which the time limit will be only two hours and it will be the final.