1. Certificate in Organic Agriculture & Horticulture (COAH). Duration: 6 months. Course Fees: 9,000.00/-. Eligibility: Minimum 12th Pass.

Organic farming, which has increased substantially in recent years,has received important attention from all concerned. The University has started the certificate in Organic Farming with the following objectives :

* To develop a sustainable agriculture system for guaranteed adequate food production in the foreseeable future.
* To develop self-sufficient agriculture system this would rely as much as possible upon resources from within its own resources.
* To develop an alternative strategy over chemical farming this would be a guideline for the working of biological processes in natural Eco-systems.

Course structure :

Paper 1 : Organic Agriculture (Theory).  Paper 2 : Organic Horticulture (Theory).
Paper 3 : Organic Agriculture (Practical).  Paper 4 : Organic Horticulture (Practical).

2. DIPLOMA IN HERITAGE CONSERVATION (DHC). Duration : 24 months. Course Fees: 24,000.00/-. Eligibility: Minimum 12th Pass.



PAPER I : Principles and Methods of Museum logy.

PAPER II : Tourism and Hotel Management.

PAPER  III  : Heritage Culture-I (Special Reference to North Indian Culture, Temple Art and Architecture).

PAPER  IV  : Heritage Tourism in India

PAPER  V: Structural Conservation of Monuments

PAPER  VI   : Chemical Preservation of Monuments and Antiquities


PAPER  I : Art and Iconography.

PAPER  II  : Museum Architecture, Display Techniques, Preservation and Conservation.

PAPER  III  : Heritage Culture-II (Special Reference to South Indian Culture, Temple Art and Architecture).

PAPER  IV  : Compulsory Dissertation work (Completely field oriented) Visits to Museums, Tourist Centers,

Hotels, Temple Art and Architecture and Heritage sites.

PAPER – V  : Antiquarian Laws

PAPER  VI  : Epigraphy and Numismatics