1. Certificate in Hardware, Networking & Electronics. (CHNE) 6 months Rs. 5,000.00/-

Mod I & PDP & Spoken English, Installments breakup Rs. 1,000.00/- + 1,000.00/- X 4 months. Eligibility: Minimum 12th Pass.

2. Diploma in Hardware, Networking & Electronics. (DHNE) 12 months Rs. 8,000.00/-

Mod I to II, PDP & Spoken English, Installments breakup Rs. 1,000.00/- + 700.00/- X 10 months. Eligibility: Minimum Graduation / CHNE Pass.

3. Post Graduate Diploma in Hardware, Networking & Electronics. (PGDHNE). 18 months Rs. 12,000.00/-

Mod I to III, PDP & Spoken English, Installments breakup Rs. 1,000.00/- + 700.00/- X 16 months. Eligibility: Minimum Graduation / DHNE Pass.

Module Containing under Hardware Course.

Mod-1  6 months

A. Computer Fundamentals
i. Fundamentals Computer Hardware, Input-Output Devices & Peripherals
ii. CPU Unit Knowledge, Overview in Various types of Memory
iii. Knowledge in Various types of Microprocessor
B. Overview of Electronics
i. Ohms Law, Electrical Devices & Circuits
ii. Semiconductor Physics, Diode & Transistor
iii. Number System, Gates, Binary Mathematics, Different types of Codes
iv. Digital Circuits
C. Operating System Basics (Dos, Windows XP, Linux)
i. Introduction of OS, Features & Utilities
ii. Various types of Commands, Files & Folder Management
iii. Installation, Configuring, Tips & Tricks, Trouble shooting
D. Basic Computer Hardware & Computer Assembling
i. Introduction of Various Hardware Equipment
ii. Overview of Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner, Printer
iii. Overview of Microprocessor, Motherboard,
iv. Overview of Storage Devices ( Hard Disk, Floppy Disk, CD ROM,DVD ROM & R/W, Pen Drive, Zip Drive)
v. Overview of S.M.P.S, BIOS, DMA & IRQ
vi. Overview of Various types of Memory ( RAM, ROM, FLASH )
vii. Bus Architecture
viii. Knowledge on Different types of add-on Cards
ix. System Organization & Device Drivers
x. Overview of Disk Partition Management
E. Fault Finding in Hardware & Software
F. Virus Related Troubleshooting and Anti Virus Software Utility
G. Lap Top Concept

Mod II:  4 months

A. Window server 2003
i. Installation of Server, Configuring, Trouble shooting
ii. Group Management, Disk Management, Printer Management
iii. DHCP Installation and Configuration
iv. Managing, Maintaining & Implementing the Server Network Environment
v. Planning, Maintaining & Implementing the Server Network Infrastructure
vi. Planning, Maintaining & Implementing the Active Directory Infrastructure
vii. Designing Security for Windows Server 2003 Network
viii. Implementing & Managing Exchange Server 2003
B. Networking
i. Local Area Networking, Media and Topologies
ii. Protocols and Standards, Peer-to-Peer Networking
iii. Network Architecture, Connectors & Cabling’s
iv. Network Planning & Designing, Network Implementation
v. Network Support, IP Addressing & Sub netting
vi. WAN & MAN Technology, Remote Access Protocols & Security
vii. VLAN & Overview of REPEATER &ROUTER, ISDN
viii. Network Troubleshooting Strategy

Mod III:  4 months

A. Analog Electronics
i. Atomic Model, Ohms Law
ii. Overview of Resistance, Capacitor, Inductor
iii. Overview of Analog and Digital Multi-meters
iv. Overview of Transformers & Filters , Amplifier
v. Semiconductors properties, Intrinsic & Extrinsic Semiconductors
vi. Overview Doping and Bonding, P-N Junction, Biasing
vii. Overview of Diode Working & Transistor PNP, NPN
B. Digital Electronics
i. Boolean Law, Number System and Conversions
ii. Logic gates, De Morgan’s Theorem, Duality Theorem
iii. Binary Mathematics, ASCII, GREY & BCD code
iv. Data-Processing Circuits, Arithmetic Circuits, Clock & Timing Circuits
v. Digital Circuits, Sequential and Combinational Circuits
vi. Overview of FLIP-FLOPS, Registers & Counters
vii. Memory Management, Cache Memory
viii. Knowledge in Various types of Microprocessor
ix. Eliminator, Transmitting and Receiving system