Duration : 6 Yrs, Course Fees : 8000.00/-, Instalment Breakup : 3000/- + 1000/- X 6months, Eligibility : Class 10 PASS

MOD I: Communicative Grammar.
Parts of Speech; Use of Tense; Classification of Noun; Classification of Pronoun; Verbs & Tense; Preposition and its application; Sentence Making.
MOD II: Communicative Speech.
Rectification of speech; pronunciation techniques.
MOD III: Communicative Vocabulary
Stock of wards; words usage; Antonyms; Synonyms;
MOD IV: Functional English
Expressing ability; Expressing inability; Expressing admiration, Agreeing reluctantly; Disagreeing, tactfully; asking for advice; admitting Excepting & rejecting apology; Expressing capability & incapability; Expressing Anger; Breaking the ice; attracting attention; congratulating; Compliment & answering a compliment; Expressing Condolences; Changing the topic; Advising; Denying; Describing; Expressing gratitude; Forgive.
MOD V: Communicative Personality
Conversation; Professional Interview Skills; Facial expression; Trying to convince; Resume writing; Business Letter; Body Language; Time Management.
MOD VI: Skills Development
Self Development; Self Awareness; Memory Exercise; IQ Test-Quiz; Body Language; Leadership; Motivation; Group
Work; Mock Interview. Survival skills.

Certificate in Foreign Language (CFL).

Duration : 6 Months, Course Fees : 12,000.00/-, Instalment Breakup : 5,000/- + 14/- X 7 months, Eligibility : 10 TH PASS.

With the Increasing trade ties, there is an expanding need for foreign language experts especially in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. With globalization of Indian economy, multinationals coming to India and more and more Indian companies are going for joint ventures, so we need, translation, interpretation, tourist guides, and fields like advertising, IT, Finance, hotels, Entertainment, Public Relations, Mass Communication, Business Process Outsourcing, Embassies and Publishing knowing different languages will be surely a plus point. English is enough to purchase a foreign product or service, but when it comes to selling in a foreign country, it is necessary to know the relevant language. If the sales person speaks to the buyer in his mother tongue, the client connects better to the product. In an increasingly globalized world, knowing a foreign language helps to add that extra line to one’s resume. It also makes an individual appear to be more accommodative to prospective employers. The market scope of a foreign language skill is virtually endless. Infinite job opportunities in diverse fields open up for a person who is conversant in a foreign language - be it the technology industry (where one needs to regularly interact with offshore clients/counterparts) or the BPO sector (where one is required to interact with culturally diverse people) or Trade Industry (which involves imports/exports these days considering India’s ‘global economy’ model). Language being the main obstacle (when lack it) and, at the same time, the main instrument (when we own it) in understanding the people of other countries and cultures. The University in association with Cucchiaio d’Argento (Centre for Language & Culture) has launched the certificate course in Foreign Language in the following languages to bridge the gap of language specialist in the specified area. i.) German Language, ii) Spanish Language, iii) French Language, iv)Italian Language and v) Chinese Language vi) Arabic.
The paper 1 & 4 are compulsory for all students. A student may opt for any one of the foreign languages from the above list.
Course Structure:
Paper 1: Soft Skill Development. Paper 2: Foreign Language-i.
Paper 3: Foreign Language -ii. Paper 4: Practical & Viva.