Duration : 24 Months, Course Fees : 84,000.00/-, Instalment Breakup : 30,000/- + 2700/- X 20 months, Eligibility : 10TH PASS.

Diploma in Warehouse Management & Logistic Management: Course Syllabus
1 Organizational Behaviour
2 Total Quality Management
3 Management Theory and Practice
4 Logistics Management
5 Corporate Social Responsibility Information Systems for Managers Operations Management
6 Business Economics
7 Business Law
8 Business Communication
9 Financial Accounting and Analysis
10 Supply Chain Management
11 Introduction to warehousing management
Objectives of warehousing
The modern warehouse
The warehousing cycle
Problems and challenges in warehousing
Warehousing and inventory costs
Customer service in warehousing
1 Inventory classification and record accuracy
Types of inventory
The ABC classification
Uses of the ABC classification
Inventory record accuracy
Reasons for poor accuracy
Periodic and cycle counting
Systems and methodology of counting
Knowing what is inside the warehouse
Knowing how much is inside the warehouse
2 Storage and material handling systems
The layout of the warehouse
Size and shape of the warehouse
Storage utilization and organization
Types of storage systems
Fixed versus random location
Material handling equipment
Material handling equipment checklist
Improving the receiving/issuing material operations
3 Dealing with staff-related warehousing issues
Key roles of the warehouse manager
Staff management issues
Corrective guidance techniques
Qualities of a good warehouse employee
The motivation of warehouse employees
4 Safety in the warehouse
Good housekeeping inside the warehouse
Identifying safety hazards
Unsafe acts and conditions
Causes of damage
Planning for safety
5 Productivity and audit of a warehouse
Definition of productivity
Causes of lost time
Warehousing key performance indicators
Objectives of the warehouse audit
Components of the audit
Steps to follow before, during and after the audit