Academic procedure

1. An academic session represents the period commencing from the first scheduled class attended by a student to the specified time of the specific course for which the student has been admitted.

2. Installments payment plan is a facility that is provided to a student whereby he / she can make a part of the payment for the course admitted to in monthly installments.

  1. An applicant’s admission to a course is confirmed for a particular batch only on the payment of the admission fee.
  2. Random changes in batches shall not be entertained. Any student can change at the maximum his / her 3 batches. Thereafter, for every change a fee of Rs. 100/- has to be paid.
  3. An admission to a course is not transferable to any other individual.


Candidate should go through the counseling given by the RYVTSM counselor for admission in any type of course/courses. And should be well informed about the Rules & Regulation, Admission forms, etc. Candidate admitted in Classroom coaching can also take the other professional courses according to their need, which should be informed to the center-in-charge.

  1. A student if remains absent for more than two weeks without prior written permission and are interested to continue with the institution have to take re-admission in the institute by paying Rs. 100/- as re-admission fee.
  2. If the absence continues for 3 months then the student will have to take admission as a fresh admission by paying admission fees.


Installments fee must be paid on or before 15th day of calendar month in which the installment fall due. In case the student fails to pay in time, penalty of Rs. 10/- for every day, if he does not remit the fee on the 17th day of every month.

Academic Activities:
  1. Lectures and Practical: Lectures are conducted in the seminar hall / lab room by the team of qualified faculties as per a schedule.
  2. Examinations: During the course, every student is evaluated through technical and practical examination. Qualifying marks of all examination is 50% of the total stipulated marks.
  3. The exam marks will be divided into four parts 50% Theoretical, 30% Practical,10% Seminar Presentation and 10% attendance and code of conduct.
  4. The theoretical marks will be in the range of 1 to 3 for each question depending upon assigned.
  5. The seminar marks will be depending upon the performance of the candidate at the final seminar taken by experts and faculties, the subjects of seminars are given to the students by their faculties in every module at first week of the batches. The code of conduct marks will be depending upon the student’s behavior, seriousness, involvement and honesties towards their classes which will record strictly by the Management of RYVTSM from their first day of class.
  6. Here the student will give exam on different form, documentation. Out of 50 Marks minimum 25 marks, out of 30 marks minimum 15 marks and overall minimum 50 marks required to qualify a module.
  7. In case a student fails in theoretical or practical he / she has to re-appear only for exam by paying Rs. 100/- as Re-examination fees.
  8. In case of absence, a student is allowed to levitra or viagra appear for the examination by paying an absent fee of Rs. 150/- only provided the reasons for such absence in justified.
  9. If a student is found using unfair means during the exam, then his registration will be permanently cancelled or a penalty of Rs. 300/- will be payable on him /her.
  10. A student will be given 2 more chances if he / she to equality.


1. Students will be awarded certificate of his / her score in each scheduled test.

2. Students will not be awarded any certificate unless any amount lying due on account is cleared.

Cancellation of Registration:
  1. Every student is expected to maintain proper discipline and decorum during the conduct of the course.
  2. Any student found misbehaving in the institute’s premises or using abusive tone in and around the center premises is liable to have his / her registration terminated.
  3. Any student found misusing or removing any equipment, book, component, instrument or any other item which he / she is not supposed to remove from the center premises will be liable to have his / her registration terminated.
  4. The registration of the student stands cancelled if he / she remains absent for one week or more consecutively without any written permission from the Center-in-Charge.

Machine Test

Machine test will be taken before sending for an interview. Candidate has to score minimum 50% marks in machine test. If the student is absent / fails to score 50% marks in machine test, then job will not be provided to the student.


Admission fees & Course fees is not refundable under in any circumstances.